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Police detain former Justice Minister

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Lubinda going into the Police cells.

Police in Lusaka have detained PF Vice president Given Lubinda at Woodlands Police station, reports Martha Banda.

According to Smart Eagle, a PF publication, Lubinda who is also former Justice Minister has been arrested for breach of parliamentary privileges.

He was arrested this morning. Below is the story.


…Lubinda detained at Woodlands Police Station for criticising Speaker of the National Assembly….

Lusaka- Monday 15th May, 2023

Patriotic Front Vice President, Hon. Given Lubinda has been arrested for failure to attend or adhere to parliamentary summons issued to him to appear before a Committee.

This is connection with an offence in which the Speaker of the National Assembly found Hon. Given Lubinda, guilty of breaching parliamentary privilidges as an outsider.

Lubinda has been arrested Contrary Section 11(A) of Amendment Act No. 13 of 2016, Chapter 12 of the National Assembly Act on Privildges and Absences.

The facts are that in December 2021 and 14th June 2022, Hon. Lubinda was summoned to appear before the Committee on Privildges and Abscences regarding remarks he made to condemn the Speaker’s Ruling made after she expelled nine members of parliament that had lost their petition court cases.

In her final ruling, the Speaker reprimanded Hon. Lubinda in absentia and closed the matter.

This was her ruling;

“Hon Members I have a ruling to render against Mr Given Lubinda an outsider who was found in breach of parliamentary privilege and in contempt of the House by the Committee on Privileges and Absences. Following its finding, the Committee recommended that Mr Given Lubinda be reprimanded at the Bar of the Assembly in accordance with section 28(4) of the National Assembly (Powers and Privileges) Act, Chapter 12 of the Laws of Zambia.Section 28 (4) states as follows:”

“It is a breach of privilege and contempt of the House to make speeches, or to print or publish any libels, reflecting on the character or proceedings of the House or its committees”.

The Speaker gave an example regarding Speaker of the National Assembly, Amusa Mwanamwambwa at which he summoned Antonio Mwanza and S. Kabwata for making disparaging remarks against the House.

“The matter was referred to the Committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services for consideration. The Committee established that the duo’s utterances were disrespectful to the Speaker and amounted to an affront on his authority, which was a breach of privilege and contempt of the House.”

“Upon realising the seriousness of the allegations against them, Mr S Kabwata unreservedly apologised to the Committee, whilst Mr Antonio Mwanza showed no remorse. In that regard, the Committee resolved to admonish Mr Kabwata and to reprimand Mr Antonio Mwanza.”

“The Hon Mr Speaker ruled in line with the recommendations of the Committee.Hon Members, although Mr Given Lubinda is not present in the House, I will proceed to reprimand him in absentia as resolved by the Committee on Privileges and Absences.”

Mr Given Lubinda, the House is extremely displeased with your conduct at a press conference held by the Patriotic Front Party on Wednesday, 8thDecember, 2021.At the said press conference, you made contemptuous remarks that did not only show disrespect to my office, but also demeaned the dignity and decorum of this august House. Such conduct is unacceptable and unbefitting your status as a person who served this House for a long period both as a backbencher and Hon Minister.”

Speaker Nelly Mutti closed the matter by reprimanding Mr. Lubinda.

“I urge you to endeavour to abide by the rules of this House and desist from such misconduct in future. ”

Surprisingly the matter was the subject of a Warn and Caution and subsequent arrest of the Patriotic Front Vice President.

And Member of the Central of Committee, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba has condemned the action calling it an oppressive action against the opposition.

He said the abuse of archaic laws currently being used against Opposition leaders was to harass and oppress leaders providing checks and balances.

He said both the Judiciary and Parliament were not sacrosanct that members of the public could not criticise their actions.

He said was now a Democracy and the abuse of archaic and colonial laws to punish the Opposition must come to an end.


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