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PF risk causing food riots warns Dr. Chituwo

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The Patriotic Front government risk causing food riots, Mumbwa Central Member of Parliament Brian Chituwo has warned.
Dr. Chituwo who served as cabinet Minister in the MMD government told Zambian Eye in an exclusive interview that the failure to come up with an acceptable price of cotton would affect production of other crops such as maize.
He said this would in turn affect production of crops like maize hence creating food insecurity in the country that would result in riots.
Dr. Chituwo has since urged the Patriotic Front government to strengthen the food security in the country by implementing crop diversification.
The former Minister of Agriculture said if the issue in recent drop of prices in cotton is not sorted out, it will impact negatively on the program for diversification from maize and the PF government should show seriousness in this area by implementing policy evaluation and monitoring.
“The security of a nation by and large depends on food security because a hungry nation can’t have dignity when it goes begging and will cause other people to impose ideas on them because of hunger, “said Dr. Chituwo
He further explained that he had also cultivated 13 hectors of cotton hoping to earn good money from his harvest and the recent drop of prices in cotton from K3200 to K1600 has also caused uproar among the farmers.
The meeting called between Zambia Farmers Union and Ginners Association attended by Vice president Guy Scott last week only managed to raise the price of cotton by K100, which famers have rejected.
Mumbwa is one of the major producers of cotton in Zambia.




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