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Chinese are now good investors says Kabimba

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President Michael Sata (c) toasts a gift presented to him by Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao during a luncheon hosted in honour of Chinese investment in Zambia at State House. Photo source: Post Newspaper

The Chinese investors are now good people, ruling Patriotic Front General Secretary Wynter Kabimba has revealed.
The PF while in opposition was critical and opposed to the Chinese investment that dominated the economy of Zambia accusing them of mistreating the locals and offering poor conditions of service.
But today on the government owned controlled ZNBC Radio 4 Platform programme, Mr. Kabimba said the Chinese investors have become good people because they are now following the labour laws. He explained that the PF talked to the Chinese upon forming government when President Sata hosted a luncheon for them at State House.
“The Chinese are now good people we have no problem with them,” said Mr. Kabimba.
Michael Sata then in the opposition had threatened to chase the Chinese whom he accused of doing business that the locals can do like selling clothes and food. This won the PF and Mr. Sata support from the majority of Zambians who were not happy with the Chinese.
And Mr. Kabimba has said that Zambians can now put up a smile with confidence of a bright future under the PF government. Explaining the nine months of the PF in government, Mr. Kabimba says his party through a revolution vote inherited a rundown country that was very corrupt. He stated as a result of this it is taking time to clean up the messy and start to move the country forward.
The PF General Secretary however stated that there was relief among Zambians and promised that the PF will live up to its campaign promises. He wondered how some MMD officials could have guts of saying PF has not created jobs when they did not do so in the last 20 years.
“They (MMD) left an army of jobless youths,” said Mr. Kabimba adding that the PF government was working towards creating decent pensionable jobs for the Zambian youths that ushered it into government.
On the campaign promise by PF that they will change Zambia within 90 days in office, Mr. Kabimba denied ever making such a promise.
“I never promised that, could you play a clip (where I said that)” Mr. Kabimba challenged the presenter.
In the run up to the elections that brought in the PF, the party promised to set up changes in Zambia within 90 days of being in office.


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