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PF has taken Zambia backwards – MMD

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Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Acting National Women’s Chairperson Lisa Pasi says that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government has quickly reversed the progress and prosperity achieved by the MMD and taken Zambia backwards in just 4 short years. She said they have miserably let down the many Zambians who voted for them.

Mrs. Pasi, a Development Management expert, has said Zambians know that the PF has no vision for this nation whatsoever after hearing their Party General Secretary Mr. Davies Chama and Minister of Finance Mr. Alexander Chikwanda openly admitting that the people of Zambia have descended into terrible poverty.

In a congratulatory message to the MMD’s Myson Phiri who scooped the recently held Kakumbi Ward by-election in Malambo, Eastern Province, Mrs. Pasi has said the win is a great inspiration and morale booster to genuine MMD sympathizers who are confident that the efforts of reorganization by the party leadership are yielding positive results.

She said many Zambians know that MMD is the only party that has had a clear vision and policy frame-work to turn Zambia into a prosperous nation having managed to turn the country to a middle-income economy just before leaving office in 2011.

Mrs Pasi said this win is a rude wake-up call to the PF who should know that Zambians have realized that they were tricked by the “Donchi Kubeba” lies and deception of “More Money in your pockets, More Jobs and Lower Taxes.” The people, especially women, who are bearing the brunt of the suffering, know that they are much worse off now than when MMD was in power. She said the PF’s vicious campaign to destroy the MMD and erase its unmatched economic track record has failed.

“It is annoying that the PF Government should now start a blame-game of who has caused the poverty that the people are going through. The answer lies squarely at their door-step because they are the ones who are plundering the economy and wasting millions on a bloated government. They are wasting money on trips abroad, unnecessary by-elections, ill-planned projects and they have now resorted to excessive borrowing,” she said.

Mrs. Pasi has made an earnest appeal to the PF Government in their last few months in power, to think about the poor vulnerable women and children and has asked Zambians to give the New Hope MMD another chance to steer Zambia back to the path of development as it did before. She said the New Hope MMD is “born again” and has rid itself of corrupt divisive elements.

She has called upon all progressive women in the country to join the New Hope MMD and raise the bar beyond the achievements of the previous MMD administrations and participate in a new move to take Zambia from a lower middle income country to a fully developed nation.

“We have been taken backwards by this government. The Hour has come for the second phase of Zambia’s development push and we need all women to arise,” said Mrs Pasi.

She said only MMD has a clear vision to deliver suffering Zambians from the PF misrule and urged Zambians to vote for the New Hope MMD in 2016 and help create another dramatic turn-around of the economy and politics as happened in 1991.


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