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Dora not sure under which party she should contest Petauke seat

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Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya

Former Transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya has announced that she will stand as Member of Parliament (MP) for Petauke Central.

But she says she will announce under which ticket to stand after consultation.

“As far as am aware, no national secretary of any political party, not even allegedly my own, the MMD, has called to request me to stand on their ticket. I am consulting widely but ultimately it is the people of Petauke who will decide which platform I use whether as an independent candidate or not. I will advise at the right time,” she said.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Ms Siliya said, “after much reflection, I have decided to stand again in Petauke.

My conviction is that governance does well when ever more women and the youth participate too. We have to create an atmosphere where women and the youth do not fear politics because of insults, persecution and simple mindedness by those who want power only for themselves.”

She added that although the period remaining before the term ends is short she will stand again and honour the people of Petauke for giving her support during her political career.

“There is no greater honour than serving people who have thrust confidence upon you by electing you to serve them. No greater honour indeed,” she said.

She said she is looking to work with politicians of like minds, who value that political office is purely through the people’s power.

“I want to join men and women who are not afraid to make tough decisions and move our country forward. I want to be with a party that has room to improve intra-party democracy and will emphasise discipline. I look forward to working with a group of politicians especially youthful men and women who want to start a new movement, an agenda to champion one Zambia one nation and prosperity for all,” she said.

On Thursday the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the High Court that allowed the former Petauke lawmaker with her Mulobezi and counterparts to recontest their seats after they were nullified for electoral malpractice.

The judgement comes almost after two years since the seats were nullified by the Supreme Court in June 2013.


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