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The opposition Democratic Party (DP) on the Copperbelt has castigated ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda, saying it is people like him who are always supporting wrong things, making President Edgar Lungu hated and despised.

Reacting to Chanda’s remarks castigating the DP leader Harry Kalaba for saying President Edgar Lungu must respect the church and not bring it into Politics, DP Copperbelt Chairman John Mulenga said the arrogance and dullness that has been exhibited by   Nathan Chanda shows the kind of mediocre leadership which is leading the good people of Zambia.

“To see Nathan Chanda gain courage and shamelessly defend  the statement that the Republican President made towards the Catholic church shows the kind of people  that are surrounding  the President and the kind of  advice they give him,” Mulenga said in a statement.

“To try and paint President Harry Kalaba who only in the spirit of brotherhood  advised President Lungu to not over step boundaries and drag men in cloth into politics as bad is unbelievable . Instead of being braving and advising President Lungu to own up  not  only to his wrong statement but his  undermining words towards the Catholic church and apologise to the  men of  the cloth, he begins to defend what is wrong.  When one insults  men in the cloth it means he has insulted the church at large.”

Mulenga said people like Chanda  are the characters that have brought shame to the office of the President because  of advising  the republican President wrongly. They keep singing praises in his ears and telling him lies in order to remain  in favour even  when the wrong is in black and white.

“Therefore, we would like to advise Nathan Chanda to use his negative energy somewhere  else and never to drag our President  in his cheap politics. The best he should do is try to be a good boy to the President by telling him the truth.  Nathan Chanda should know what was said will not be forgotten  or rubbed off by his cheap defence but by President Lungu taking up the appeal made to him by President Harry Kalaba to apologise to the church,” he said.


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