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Of Anglo American, transparency and you

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Another reason you need ATI.

For those who have been following us for sometime, you will recall that at one time we said the UPND’s government biggest scandal if ever they will be one will not be the Alpha Commodities Fertiliser scandal but it will come from the mining sector.

Indications so far are proving us right. We are not saying it has happened but highly likely to happen even if you assessed on how the KCM Vedanta issue has been handled.

Whether there was an agreement on immunity to Milingo Lungu or not, there are indications of under hand methods on how to resolve the impasse that you the public may never know.

This angle on KCM we shall deal at an appropriate time.


We saw how excited most of you became when you read a Reuters story that Anglo America was returning to Zambia through ARC Mining.


Some few days ago we wrote our opinion in which we stated that it was important to understand history in order to plan for now and the future. What is Anglo American history in Zambia?

Anglo left Zambia in a hurry in the year 2001 after Late Anderson Mazoka who was Anglo’s right hand man lost elections to Levy Mwanawasa.

The current problems at KCM were actually caused by Anglo because after the sudden exit of Anglo, Levy Mwanawasa had no option but to put the Mine on Care and Maintainance under the management of Mr. Jordan Soko who performed similar functions like that of Mr. Milingo Lungu.


We fast forward the exist of Anglo from Zambia to Vedanta taking over the mine at almost no cost at all.

Because of the desperation which Anglo caused, some businessmen including Mr. Rajan Mathani took advantage of that and convinced the Mwanawasa administration to offer KCM to Vedanta.

Vedanta bought the mine at US25million only and this money Vedanta used to purchase the mine was from KCM account.

This means Vedanta used KCM money to buy KCM. Technically Vedanta was given the mine for free.


This is the problem we face when you our readers complain about long articles. Our thoughts are also summarised. Any way, there is a question here.

Who owns ARC Mining? One of the shareholders in this mine is General Sunday Kayumba.

An ex convict in the Zamtrop scandal and father to Jito Kayumba the Special Assistant to the President on Economic Affairs.

A potential convict too.


Again we fast forward on ownership to avoid this article being long.

We believe that though Zambians may be excited about the coming of Anglo back to Zambia with a partly US8Omillion in 7 years, be extremely careful about issues to do with transparency. Once beaten twice shy.

Remember the Bible story of Arab and the Camel.

We urge you Zambians to take particular interest in this Anglo deal lest you get short changed again.

By the way,are you aware that the owners of Vedanta and Anglo are very close such that at one time the owner of Vedanta bought shares in Anglo and later sold them back and profited US100million in a very short period of time?

What we are simply saying is that do not be too exited with the re entry of Anglo.

It may not benefit you and us The people promoting it have already proved that they have criminal minds.

General Kayumba was convicted on plunder and we think he is still on bail pending appeal.

His son forged a Curriculum Vitae and a KPMG Audit Report.


Pay attention to what Policies this government is putting in place in mining.

There is a clear indication that it favours multi national companies to peasants.

A government that would rather give incentives to First Quantum Minerals but remove legumes from FISP.

We will talk about the removal of legumes from FISP and its effects on ordinary households in the coming days but it is clear, that peasants are on their own.

To conclude today’s morning article, we would like to urge Zambians to be more vigilant and demand that we have the Access to Information Law.

This government is anchored on profiteering. It is a government of businessmen and women and capitalists can be very extreme at times.

By the way, why should you celebrate when you hear First Quantum Minerals is to invest US1BIllion in Zambia?

That money is for the owners to make more money. The equipment will not come from Zambia, the profit will not remain in Zambia but just a fraction will go towards salaries.

Zambian economists should start raising red flags in some of these deals by tabulating to ordinary citizens how their lives can or will be uplifted.

Those figures are just on paper and the benefits go to the investor.

Make sure it is 50/50 or what is called Win/ Win situation.

The investor benefits and us Zambians benefit.

For as long as there is no Access to Information Law, the rich will get richer and the poor, poorer.

Demand that you know these deals from the word ago especially when they are being promoted by people of questionable character.


What measures have been put in place to make sure that Anglo does not abandone us again?

Will Anglo’s tenure in Zambia be linked to the tenure of UPND government?

Is it the reason why Finance Minister Dr.Situmbeko Musokotwane seems to be crafting the mining policy for 10 years the expected period UPND will be in government?

Is Jito Kayumba at State House influencing policy that will benefit his Father?

You can not get satisfactory answers on all these questions without access to information law.

We end here for now as we prepare to ask Mr. Felix Nkulukusa the Secretary to the Treasury why he has removed legumes like Soya and Groundnuts from FISP whilst his government gives incentives to multi national companies.

Is this not the same government that talks about diversifying from Maize dependence?

Source: Zambia Whistle Blower


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