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Not even death can stop Lungu to rule again – Tayali

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Former President Edgar Lungu

Equity and Economic Progress (EEP) leader Chilufya Tayali says nothing will stop former President Edgar Lungu to bounce back.

Tayali says whether dead or alive, Lungu is unstoppable and is already sold out.

“Concourt CANNOT stop ECL, they will just bring confusion if they decide to do so, and it will only work in favour of ECL while HH will be demonized.

No matter which way you look at it, Edgar Chagwa Lungu is unstoppable whether on the ballot or not, dead or alive, he is already sold out, it’s just a matter of time.

ECL on the ballot against HH, the former will beat current pants down. Actually, if HH will even get 30%, he will be very lucky, because even Southern Province will not pour hailstorm of votes for HH.

Okay, if the Councourt says, ECZ was wrong to accept ECL’s nominations in the 2021 general elections, then what will happen HH’s election and swearing-in? Will they say, it was valid and we continue or cancel everything. And who will be President?

What about the people, or rather, the situation in the Country? Will there be peace?

My brother Judge Chitabo used to tell me that, at times judges have to use their wisdom in passing judgement, considering facts, the law and the public interest.

Put that aside, if for any reason, ECL is not on the ballot, whosoever he will anoint will inherit all the GOODWILL former President is enjoying plus, the sympathy (from those who may not like ECL now), annoyance against the dictatorship of HH (especially among the neutrals) and of course the personal GOODWILL of the anointed one, especially if that person commands some following already.

This scenario will surely guarantee the other person, anointed by ECL, a sure win against HH. However, I am not for this situation, for reasons I will explain at 20:00HRS.

Owing to what happened to the abduction of JJ Banda, attempted assassination on me, as well as torture of that Pastor and other human rights on opponents, I will not be inflammatory if I say, President Hichilema’s govt is so careless and ruthless, to even consider taking down ECL, but even that would not give HH a second term, people will just hate him even more.

All the scenarios discussed above do not consider 50% plus 1, which is against HH even if he had a little chance.”


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