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Things are bad – Mweetwa

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UPND Information and Media Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa

THE UPND government has admitted that Zambians are going through bad economic times but that it is not scared with the seemingly growing popularity of former President Edgar Lungu who in the recent times has been pulling crowds each time he has appeared in public.

Cornelius Mweetwa, Chief Government Spokesperson said as a matter of fact, Zambians were scared of the return of former President Lungu because if he did, there would be mayhem and caderism tenfold.

“Democratically, no one is scared of ECL (former President Lungu). This is a person who when he was President, he was wielding state power.
He had all the money and he had an opportunity to control his cadres but he did not. By the time he was realising, it was too late.
When people decide, you lose no matter how powerful you are.

Credit: Daily Nation.


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