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No matter the circumstances, you must deliver your promises, Lungu tells HH

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Former President Edgar Lungu

Sixth president Edgar Lungu has urged his predecessor to deliver what he promised Zambians when he was seeking for election.

In his Easter message, Lungu said if Hichilema has faced challenges he must come out and explain to the people.


Fellow Zambians, two days ago we remembered and celebrated the death of Jesus Christ, our King and redeemer. As we did that, we reflected on the meaning and importance of his death to us as mankind.

Today, he has risen from his death. And as we reflect on this important development, we want to remind ourselves always that a true leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

We also want to remind ourselves that authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish. In a constitutional democracy, authority is directly derived from the people through the vote.

No matter the circumstances, we must always strive to deliver what we promised. Where we fail, it is only humane that we come back and explain ourselves without excesses of finger pointing.

In leadership, just like in ordinary life, mistakes are made and we must learn from them. With hindsight, we can become better shepherds.

This Easter was a poignant consideration of what has befallen our country; the drought. With prayer and introspection, it can be concluded that ours is a nation in search of reconciliation and true belief.

We stand at a crossroads as a democracy and also as a Christian nation. But nothing is insurmountable if we care enough. In Easter, we learn of pain and anguish but most importantly the power of forgiveness and love for humanity.

This is what God has granted us through his son Jesus Christ. How then can we depart from the teachings, the living sacrifice of Jesus? Can we today stand and confidently claim to be Christians, embracing the body of Christ when some of our leaders clearly show antichrist behaviour and issue statements that are not far from blasphemy?

Are we not opposing Jesus Christ when we call those who are working hard to explain his teachings as Lucifers? Are we not proving to be antichrist when we mock a day that is selected for prayers, forgiveness and reconciliation?

These are some of the questions we need to ponder on as we remember the death of Jesus Christ and celebrate his resurrection today.

Fellow Zambians, political power is transient but God’s reign is supreme. With the risen Christ today, we must hold hands and together dedicate our hearts and efforts to national reconciliation, justice and peace.

Our lips and hearts must sing from the same hymn book. Anything short of that won’t do.

Edgar C. Lungu


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