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Chitambala Mwewa reacts to ” Prophet Kambwili” post

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Chitambala Mwewa

Warns against advancing tribal talk by the media.

However, this is what Richard Nyirenda take on Mwewa’s assertions.

I only agree with you in part because your deliberation is ignoring one fundamental context in which ECL or Kambwili made those assertions.

Am one person who has a wealthy of Tonga friends. They have been my standout allies and support in different spheres.
Let’s qualify these facts in clear contexts.
1. HH is not synonymous with Tonga people. Therefore, any accusation bordering on tribalism against HH should not be misconstrued to have squarely been rested upon all tongas. For example, UPND officials called ECL a tribalistic president, but that didn’t mean all Easterners were tribal. It had to be ECL himself take responsibility for his tribal actions. Therefore, if HH by reason of his actions, some private opinion believes he is being tribal, let him take responsibility for his actions without drawing good and innocent tongas into the conversation.

2. The fact that HH is a Tonga president, that should not give him immunity against criticism for being tribal. If people predicted his biased tribal inclinations, and his actions are seemingly confirming their predictions, they have the rights to remind us… No one should be immune to criticism and instruments for criticism must be equal…How many times have you heard HH say that ECL was tribalistic? Did you criticize him? You didn’t have to because he was simply making an accurate assessment based on his assumptions. So won’t you allow Zambians to assess HH Using the same instruments?

3. Lastly, how many private pages attuned to the ruling part castigated ECL tribalistic style of appointments. Why would another page not be allowed to conduct the same assessments..

Frankly speaking, having subjected your video to a forensic scrutiny in the courts of social justice, your video is more injurious that the message you’re purporting to criticize because you sound too tribalistic.


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