Nevers commends Trump for Iran strike pull back

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Zambia’s former vice-president Nevers Mumba has commended United States president Donald Trump for pulling back from what last night seemed like an imminent military attack against the nation of Iran for shooting down an American drone.

Dr. Mumba says the entire world watched with bated breath as the fast-escalating tensions between the two nations mounted, adding that that the pull back against the strike ordered by President Trump at the last minute must be commended by all peace-loving citizens of the global village.

He says the pull back has avoided a potential human catastrophe which would have sucked in the entire Middle East and beyond with the potential for dangerous unintended consequences of unimaginable human loss and suffering both on the ground and even on commercial airlines that service the very crowded airwaves over the entire Middle Eastern region.

Dr Mumba now calls for extreme restraint by both nations, advising them to instead fully explore peaceful avenues to meet at the negotiating table.

The MMD faction leader further notes that the world is currently in the midst of a crippling global illegal immigration crisis fueled by global human trafficking cartels exploiting desperate people fleeing conflict in their own countries to Europe, America and other parts of the world in search of better lives.

The former diplomat therefore warns that if the US/Iran conflict is not controlled, it only strands to contribute to an already calamitous situation.


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