I miss Sata, Lungu is a mediocre tribalist – Tayali

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Former president Rupiah Banda with President Lungu at one of the campaign rallies

My brother Emmanuel Mwamba is ever ready to over step is role as a Diplomat just to defend the iniquities of the PF of Edgar Lungu and his violent, spoiled Kaizer Zulu.


Unfortunately, my brother does not seem to realise that the PF of Edgar Lungu is no longer the PF most of us affiliated to when Sata was alive.


I admire the loyalty of Mwamba because Edgar Lungu and his clique of wako-ni-wako – RB clan, does not appreciate and is very selfish to even forget the Sata who paved the way for them to look like cherry tomatoes. I don’t think they are worth the support.


Emmanuel Mwamba was very quick to respond to, my long time admirer in terms of articulating issues in her articles, Laura Miti for her criticisms on the speech of President Lungu delivered yesterday in Parliament.


From my point of view, I think Laura is very right and I endorse her sentiments, but let me also add a few points of my own.


As rightly pointed out by Emmanuel, the speech was focused on the application of our national values and principles as enshrined in the republican constitution (articles 8, 9 and 86, sub-article (1))


The President belabored on a number of issues relating to moral, spiritual, ethical and cultural values which he said are paramount to fulfilling the developmental agenda of any nation.


The President also touched on the importance of national unity, peace and sovereignty of our nation and the role that each and every individual must play to safeguard our national values and principles.


Of course, President Lungu could not leave out the unequivocal and succinct declaration of Zambia as a christian nation.


I may understand my brother Emmanuel Mwamba in his defense, because he may not be aware how this Country has deteriorated in national values and principles, which is specifically manifested in moral, spiritual, ethical and cultural values.


Since my brother is outside the Country, I have cared to upload some of the Headlines of just about a week, to let my brother get a feel of what is happening in the Country. I am sure the headlines will open his eyes and sober up in defending the indefensible.


It is these kind of headlines that, has made some of us to stop supporting the PF of Edgar Lungu.


Sata was not an angel as Fred M’membe used to flatter him, but surely, he was not a mediocre like President Lungu.


I have not started calling Edgar Lungu a mediocre today, I have said it many times and I hoped he would change in his new term (2016-2021), unfortunately, the man has even become worse and very compromised.


If you are eating with President Lungu, like Kaisa, Amos, Mutati, Dora, Victor Mundende, Joyce Nonde and the rest of the cadres, most certainly you will not like what I am saying here, however, I am speaking for the majority Zambians.


What morality was President talking about when he is leading one of the most corrupt govts of our time. President Lungu sits in corruption and he knows it, but he does nothing. If that is not being a compromised and mediocre, then tell me what else is.


We have seen a number of inefficiencies in many policies, especially on FISP while Dora is merrying with her married man, and the President does nothing, yet he wants to lectures us on national values and morality.


Let me not talk about drinking because that could just be treason.


Felix Mutati, is now getting a good salary and he has forgotten that many Zambians need to be paid as well. Workers like those working for National Housing have gone for about 9 months without pay and President Lungu wants to pretend to care.


Many suppliers are rendered destitute yet they have supplied services and goods to Govt without payments for a long time, but President Lungu hires planes to go to foreign nations and spend 5 days. Can someone ask in Parliament, how much to they spend on those long holidays? Surely they could save something to pay some people.


When workers complain of poor working conditions, abuse and prolonged causalizations including at ZESCO, Joyce Nonde call for their arrest, and President Lungu remains silent. What kind of a leader is this?


Kaizer Zulu goes round beating and insulting people then turn them into villains, while he becomes a victim using Presidential powers and the President just looks away and leave for the land of milk and honey to watch the beautiful dancing ladies of King Muswati on the sidelines of the SADC meetings.


Anyway, let me leave it there, else I am charged for not sleeping and grab my laptop like the way they have grabbed The Post from M’membe, while some cadres are jubilating forgetting that one day, it may be them to dance to the tyrannical behaviour of this once humble man called Edgar Chagwa Lungu. He is humble but startle – careful with him.


Remember to vote him out in 2021 and bring in Economic and Equity Party (EEP) under my caring leadership.


EEP – A nation is about people


TAYALI – Ni Touch and Go!!!


5 Responses to I miss Sata, Lungu is a mediocre tribalist – Tayali

  1. I dont think Lungu knows the responsibilities of being a PRESIDENT , i doubt it

    GONE to Dogs
    March 18, 2017 at 9:31 am

  2. You miss Sata, and I miss Anderson Kambela Mazoka of UPND. He would have straightened our economy and politics long ago had he lived.Te current UPND leadership is not smart enough to handle national problems, as accountants are basically narrow visioned, while an Engineer, AKM, had a global vision to make Zambia a better country!

    March 18, 2017 at 11:00 am

  3. Ba Tayali ya kosa bola nomba ka? just remember the telephone conversation you had with GBM before the elections, you were so much in support of ECL, baku chenjeza chimbwi. that serves you right boy. i hope he continues frustrating you.

    kasamba mulopa
    March 18, 2017 at 6:05 pm

  4. It just a continuation of plunder restarted by Rupiah Banda after the late Levy stopped it . when you have people like getting closer to state house next will be soriano katoto, plunderers are back.

    March 18, 2017 at 11:48 pm

  5. Insala kaTayali. What took you so long to realise that Lungu is a worker and can only function under instructions? Lungu is punching above his weight masquerading as President. But then again, thanks to 1d10ts like you, he is in office today albeit being remote controlled by the real President Rupiah and his Vice Kaizer. Lungu/Inonge are goons for show. Mukose pantu ‘mukalalya inkanshi’

    March 20, 2017 at 3:39 am

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