Mutati has vindicated PF-Lubinda

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Friday 13th May, 2022

We are very happy that Felix Mutati, Minister of Technology and Science has openly come out and admitted that he has full knowledge of the $33 million transaction regarding the much talked about FTJ University.

Mr. Mutati in his official response to our query has indicated the company that was paid, the amounts that were paid including the dates when the money was paid. This is exactly what we have been saying that it is malicious for Charles Milupi to be accusing the Patriotic Front or any member of the Patriotic Front of impropriety in the matter of the FTJ University when in fact he is fully aware that Felix Mutati who was Minister of Finance at the time the time has all the information regarding who was paid, what was paid and when it was paid.

So Milupi and all those who want to know what happened to the $33 million should not point fingers at the PF but ask Felix Mutati because he is the one who has all the information as indicated in his formal response.

We want to reiterate that the UPND government is trying so hard to use the story of the FTJ University and other similar stories as a political ploy to sway public opinion from its fake campaign promises and the rising cost of living. The UPND Government is desperately attempting to label the PF as a corrupt political party in a bid to raise public anger and discord against the Patriotic Front.

Unfortunately for them, no amount of malice, lies and propaganda against PF and its leadership will save President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema and his UPND from the anger and frustration of the Zambians whose lives are becoming unbearable by the day due to the incompetence and failure of President Hichilema and his Government to deal with the depressing economic challenges affecting Zambians.

Issued by
Hon Given Lubinda
Acting President
Patriotic Front


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