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PF twisted my words, I never insulted Zambians- HH

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The UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the PF has twisted his words and alleged that he insulted Zambians, adding that it is the ruling party itself which is insulting citizens everyday because of their misdeeds.

He says; “The PF want to twist my words and say I insulted when they insult Zambians everyday by stealing.

“They are insulting Zambians by abusing authority, crashing our economy and leading us into an embarrassing default.”

He adds that Zambians should not be distracted by ruling party machinations.

“Don’t be distracted by this band of thieves! The PF are synonymous with theft, corruption and poor governance. They’ve made the entire system rotten.

“Hope for a better future lies in exercising your voting rights and letting your voices be heard,” he adds.


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