Msoni calls those celebrating Chilanga by-election as Idiots

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Nason Msoni

All People’s Congress (APC) leader Nason Msoni has called those celebrating following yesterday’s by-election in Chilanga where the ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF) won as idiots.

In a strong worded statement below, Msoni says there was nothing worth celebrating.

“Only morally bankrupt idiots can shamelessly celebrate a bloodbath election victory that has left behind a trail of blood of maimed and severely injured citizens.

In a normal society where a constitution functions that election should have been nullified.

In a normal society defined by ethics and morals the Minister responsible for maintaining law and order should have tendered his resignation on his own last night.

In a normal functioning nation with a sane head of state, he would have as a priority this morning condemned the violence and called for the immediate arrest of all perpetrators of violence and their collaborators.
In a normal society a minister responsible for Justice cannot willy nilly be seen toasting a blood stained election victory with criminals.
In a normal society Journalists doing their work ought to be respected. Attacking Journalists clearly signals the state and extent of lawlessness in a nation.

A society in which hooligans rampage gun brazing in broad daylight with state weapons issued to them by desperate authorities clearly points to the extent of moral bankruptcy and the breakdown in the rule of law.

The Chilanga election should serve as an eye opener to citizens that this government relies on violence and terror to maintain itself in government. This country is now officially in the hands of blood thirst criminals desperate to maintain the status quo.”



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