Barotseland refuses to take in summons for the Litunga

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The Litunga,King of the lozi people

The Barotse Royal Establishment has refused to accept the summon from the Zambian High Court where the Nabiwa led group representing the people of Barotseland have sued the Litunga,  the King of the Lozi people of Western province. They want him to stepdown saying that  Barotseland is not part of Zambia.


Their argument is that Litunga can not be dragged into  the Zambian Courts because Barotse is another state.


The other reason is that the Nabiwa group is being sponsored by the PF which is tantamount to political interference into the traditional systems.


Funny enough the same Indunas insisting that Barotseland  is not part of Zambia  are on Government payroll and enjoys all sorts of Government supp




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