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Monze District Expo Committee has intensified preparations for the forthcoming Southern Province Tourism and Investment Exposition slated for the 14th-21st September in Choma and Livingston.

The Committee which has carried out a number of Expo related activities says it is ready to present investiment opportunities in the district to both local and international would be investors who will attend the Provincial exposition.

Speaking to journalists after Committee Members inspected the land allocated by Chief Mwanza and Chief Choona respectively, Monze Town Council Public Relations Officer Kanchele Kanchele who spoke on behalf of the Expo committee said the team was ready to sale the district at the Expo as it has done it’s homework on the endowments available in the district.

And representatives of the two Royal Highnesses said they were greatful  to government  for the initiative which would help bring development to their areas.
Kanchele said the district has a number of potential investiment areas which will be highlighted during the week long exposition and that the committee anticipates positive results from the areas identified so far.

“…After the Council Secretary and the District Commissioner engaged our Traditional leaders on the need to release land for investment the Royal Highnesses have not only released land but have also pointed out what the areas have in terms of natural resources. We can safely say that land has been allocated in three Chiefdoms and the Committee has inspected three pieces of land where we are looking investiment in Cement manufacturing and Quarry company in Chief Choona and we also inspected land for different mineral explorations in Chief Mwanza.

We have to make mention that the economic activities we are talking about are as a result of proposals from the traditional leaders in consultation with their subjects who have the knowledge of the natural resources in their areas.

“As a Committee we are confident that after the Expo investors will start flocking to our district with interest to invest in different areas of their interest and the district will see the creation of both direct and indirect jobs. Our people are set to benefit massively from this Provincial Expo,” he said.

And Kanchele said the Committee will inspect land released by Chief Choongo as well as sites for Safaris in the Lochinvar National Park next week. 

He said Lochinvar is the only place  in the entire world where you can find the Black Lachwe and has a variety bird species something he said should be of interest to service providers in the tourism industry.

Meanwhile representatives of the two Royal Highnesses(Chief Choona Ngambela Emmanual Kalulu and Senior Headman Matutu of Njola Mwanza area in Chief Mwanza) said their Chiefdoms are open to investing in their respective areas as that would uplift the livelihood of their people.

The two who spoke to reporters after showing Expo Committee members land released for investiment purposes said the initiative to bring investors to their areas will be a plus to their Chiefdoms as their subjects will have an opportunity to find employment within their areas as opposed to the current trend of moving to over provinces in search of employment.

They are hopeful that with investors coming on board certain social amenities will not only improve but that new ones will be belt which in turn will reduce distances covered to access them.

The Expo Committee earlier in the month called for a stakeholders meeting at which the Chairperson, Gorreti Bbalo called on everyone to participate in the Expo as it was not restricted to government only.

Bbalo who is the District Administrative Officer for Monze said the Expo was a government initiative meant to find economic solutions for the people of Southern Province hence the need for all those with ideas and information about certain economic activities to come on board.


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