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Monkeys in the Maize field – Jonas Shakafuswa

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Jonas Shakafuswa former Deputy Minister of Finance under Levy Mwanawasa and Karuba member of Parliament.

He writes:

Very funny how these monkey tribes think and behave.

So after all you expose the tribe of monkeys eating in the field is all about you bringing your tribe of monkeys to eat where the other monkeys left.

Better you device a formula where all monkey tribes eat enough from the same field, for all to be happy and United, leaving excess kubutala.

All the good rhetorics each monkey tribe use to get in the field is all lies. They say they know it all. Lies. Lies. Lies.

They want their monkey tribe and associates to have an upper hand in deciding who eats and enjoys while they punish those who ate from the Maize field yesterday.

They make sure the other tribe has no say at all by making sure Sentries don’t allow any other monkey tribe apart from their tribe to assemble hold procession nor address the monkey tribes.

Everything is blamed on the earlier tribes who were in the field. They never accept that they lied or are just monkeys, who like any other monkey tribe can fail.

In the meantime the other monkey tribe is busy reorganizing and perfecting their lies of get back in the field.

Some funny monkey even uses outdated Socialism principles Lies and promises which eventually only work to divide the unitary monkey kingdom


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