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Hichilema hits markets, bus stations with exorbitant monthly rentals

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The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has increased monthly levies for shops, stands, and booths in all markets and bus stations.

The revised monthly rentals will be: Q shops have been increased from K100 to K1000; blocked shops from K290 to K1500; and numbered shops have been increased from K75 to K150.

This increment is with effect from January 1, 2024.

It is painful to see Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his corrupt puppet regime exorbitantly increase monthly levies for these properties amidst such cruel economic conditions facilitated by this very government This is precisely what we mean when we say Mr Hichilema is totally detached from reality.

As if ostracizing the street vendors is not enough, this government had proceeded to keep more people to the extreme margins of economic structures and activities through further reforms and senseless decisions. What type of leadership is this that lacks compassion, kindness, and love for the poor people of this country?

Why does Mr Hichilema always view the suffering majority of our people, who are trying so desperately to earn a decent living, as people of very little value to him now that he is president? Why has he forgotten so quickly that these are the same people who toiled for years to get him elected? What type of ingratitude is this?

It is clear that this government has no intention whatsoever to facilitate the growth and development of this particular group of the informal sector. They’re blank and have no policies and structures to deal with this group of the informal sector.

All they’re interested in are profits, even if it means inflicting pain and misery upon the people who are suffering under the most difficult circumstances. They don’t simply care about the suffering and pain they are causing them.

Mr Hichilema is determined to make poor people lose livelihoods at an accelerated pace due to his government’s inability to strategize and prioritize policy-making, especially for the informal sector.

We wish to remind Mr Hichilema that if well developed, the informal sector of this country can be used for poverty reduction and eradication. So let him not be so obsessed with exploiting and abusing the toiling masses of this country.

We demand that these exorbitant and senseless increments in monthly rentals by the Lusaka City Council be stopped immediately.

This economy has become a joke, and we expect this government to be more considerate and less aggressive towards the poor people who need to survive.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


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