MMD members must force Nevers out within 3 months, Namugala

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Catherine Namugala

Nevers Mumba must be forced to leave the MMD, suspended Chairperson for Woman Affairs Catherine Namugala has demanded.

Namugala who said she was a more legitimate MMD member than Mumba whom she says is a member of the abandoned Reform Party, charged the members should stand up and serve the party from dying. She said it was sad that the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) was silent seeing the party dying.

She was speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview on January 6, 2013 monitored by Zambian Eye.

The suspended Women Affairs Chair said NEC will be held accountable for failing to serve the party. Namugala explained that under the party constitution the members have the authority to petition NEC to summon an extra ordinary convention to elect a new leader.

Namugala who also served as Minister in the previous regime said this should be done within three months if MMD is to survive. She said if NEC fails to adhere to the calls the members can nullify their election and put up a new NEC.

“Nevers Mumba must go because he is sinking the MMD,” she charged. ” If we don’t remove him in three months, the party will lose many members. It will die.”

She accused Mumba of being intolerant to divergent views and getting rid of all those who were not agreeing with him. Namugala however vowed that she will not leave MMD saying she will fight from within to serve the party.  She urged all MMD members to stand up and serve the party.

Namugala appealed to all MMD members who feel aggrieved with Nevers Mumba’s leadership not to leave the party but instead stand up and fight from within to serve the party. She explained that MMD as the biggest opposition had a big role to play in governance of the country.

She also said she did not recognize the appointment of Singa Hill Member of Parliament Kapembwa Simbao as Acting National Secretary. She explained that Simbao was illegally occupying the position saying he was being used by Mumba. Namugala said the right person to act was Deputy National Secretary Cheembe Nyangu.

Namugala further alleged that Mumba has exceeded the number nominated NEC members from six to ten contrary to MMD constitution saying he was not upto any good but to destroy the former ruling party.

She addmitted going to State House with Major Richard Kachingwe to discuss on how the MMD was going to work with MPs appointed to serve in PF government. Namugala said there was nothing wrong with MPs from opposition serving in government as long as they remain royal to their party. She said the idea was started by the MMD under late Levy Mwanawasa.

Asked whether she would take up a position if appointed to serve in PF, Namugala who is also Mafinga MP refused saying she was already serving the country in her capacity as MP. She also disagreed with the idea of MPs who are defecting to the ruling PF.

Namugala was so articulate, spoke without emotions and looked relaxed through out the one hour interview. She concluded by saying at the moment she is not vying for the MMD presidency but noted that if called upon she would go for it.


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