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Miles Sampa and his new party

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Miles Sampa- aunches new political party - Democratic Front

Miles Sampa- aunches new political party – Democratic Front

Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa who quit the ruling Patriotic Front party on Saturday launched his party called Democratic Front (DF).

Zambian blogger Royd Moonga looks at the formation and prospects of this party as the country prepares to go to the polls on August 11, 2016.

I just watched a clip of Miles Sampa launching his Democratic Front….

To be honest, this is what we call “kuwayawaya.” I feel the man isn’t even a good public speaker … He sticks strictly to the written speech with a struggling reading. Even the camera could not show the audience obviously due to poor attendance. Only God knows why he did not postpone to a later date to prepare himself security-wise or better yet, hire Red Barrette guys from UPND for his launch other than do a DO OR DIE launch to 10 people . So what has he achieved after that poor night ride event?
The mood was dampened without anything new in his Party programme. Believe me just reciting the same old story of “I have a desire to better the condition of the police service to reduce their temptation to get involved in corruption” is not a good reason to form a Party, this is a programme one can fight for even if he is just a deputy Minister in a Government.

Believe me if this guy doesn’t play his cards right going forward, I see another Mike Mulongoti, George Mpombo, Charles Milupi, Ellias Chipimo, Wynter Kabimba and Ngandu Magande …who were very good Ministers and MPs under other Parties, formed own Political Parties with a bang, BUT the Story ended at launching it and then, reduced them to mere titles when being addressed at ceremonies and when being quoted by the Media.

Those demons that are in the business of cheating politicians that you are popular, form a Party I will support you when things turn otherwise due to heavy political tides after the formation of a Party, demons don’t even wait for a PROPHET to conduct deliverance on their victims, they exorcise themselves and leave their victim stuck with a Party. Whichever demon lied to Magande to form a Party after a failed bid to succeed Late Mwanawasa should have waited for TB JOSHUA, the demon that lied to Wynter to form his RAINBOW should have waited for Prophet Bushiri and my prayer is that whichever demon that lied to Miles to form his DF will wait for me to conduct deliverance on him before abandoning him when reality begin to down.

This is very sad. Looking at all these guys who formed stillborn Parties that never saw life after the day of their launch if they all came under one common Party that Party can be a force to reckon with.
Miles Sampa should have used the above examples of these more senior and relatively more influential political figured who never made an impact on the Zambian political scene.

Arguably, it’s right to form political Parties at will in exercise of individual democratic rights, but hey , this is what should be referred to as “indecent political conduct ” which is forming a Party knowing you shall do nothing with it and brings nothing new and offers nothing latest on the political landscape of the country.

Mr Sampa , should not have accepted to act under another person’s emotions but rather he should have acted within his own conviction and beliefs.

The country is still struggling to understand fully what was the main motivation behind former Justice Minister and Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s decision to form his RAINBOW PARTY whose existence is only in the Newspaper hitting front headlines which has since seen a bit of a slowdown, perhaps he who plays the piper has realised it’s an aborted pregnancy that has not seen its birth.

With the amended constitution, other than selfishness, a sane person should not have exhibited such ballooned egos to the extent of forming a Party less than 1 500 hours to the General election…Where does such a ONE in his/her right state of mind see him/ herself in the mirror of 50%+1 ? This is time for politicians to network, form workable and genuine alliances born on trust and truth. Not explosions of parties ….

The first disappointment, I will repeat is, the fellow has extremely bad public speaking antics and can’t read fluently even from a written speech.. His voice lack authority and brings nothing new.
Even if the wish or fear in the Opposition camp is for the guy to divide the votes from his former Party, I think, it’s exaggerating what is true on the ground. May be he should have narrowed his concentration to his constituency as Opposed to exploding to the Nation where he has not been.

How far can a party launched past 22 hours in the thinketh of the night go when voters are sleeping? His failure to overpower those PF thugs that held hin hostage in a plane goes to show that, the Man either has no support or simply did not plan well which simply puts off some of the people that may have wanted to gamble on his party as poor planer as what happened to him was expected. Miles Sampa knows the thuggery he helped to harness in his former Party when all was well and rose. He should have planned.

His seemingly National support he enjoyed during the succession wrangles in Patriotic Front was largely due to the poor quality of his opponents and the leading contender in that race Edger Lungu, it was simply the argument of the TWO (2) DWARFS ARGUING ON WHO IS TALLER THAN THE OTHER when the truth still remains that they are both extremely and disgustingly shorter than a hip of words they both spoke in the argument put together. One who wins the argument of the 2 dwarfs does not become taller than a copse of a dead elephant they killed yesterday.

Miles could have made more political sense either staying in his not so attractive party or simply join any opposition Party even joining forces with other resultants of political miscarriages like Rainbow, PPP etc or simply negotiate to revamp the dead and rotting Frank Bwalya’s ABZ or simply con Ellias Chipimo out of his NAREP and run on it as for President and make his tribesman as Running mate. That is if he has a phobia for working with other big dons like those in UPND under the fear of a bemba saying of ” bamukolwe ngabafula tabucha bwangu.”

For now it’s yet another political miscarriage.


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