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ECZ has become a danger to national security – Nevers Mumba

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Leader of the opposition MMD, Nevers Mumba has charged that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is a danger to national security and needs to be transformed immediately.

Mumba who heads the former ruling party explains that the ECZ has allowed its self to be used by PF, the ruling party which he said is desperate to win elections to increase numbers in parliament. He said the current situation does not provide a level playing field at all adding that the elections are being rigged.

The MMD leader said violence during by-elections have increased to the extent that lives are being lost due to unfairness by the ECZ. He charged that the ECZ was supposed to be impartial and provide confidence to all stakeholders. Mumba cited Kenya where the Election body was transformed in 2010 to an Independent one where it is strong and able to take action against government officials.

Mumba charged that the current ‘rigging’ system put by the PF after loosing Muchinga by-elections needed to be stopped and not wait for 2016. He explained that the PF is now wining elections even in place where the party was not strong citing Livingstone in Southern province.

“They (PF) put up a system after we won Muchinga and from there they are wining elections including in Livingstone where the party was not strong,” Mumba said. “We need to stop this and not wait for 2016.”

He charged the violence levels are worrying because people are now dying due to unfairness by ECZ. Mumba said Zambians will not allow the PF to continue manipulating the electoral system and their freedoms. He said his party had boycotted the forthcoming by-elections as a first steep towards calling for transformation of ECZ.

Mumba said ECZ was equally worried with the escalating violence during elections hence the move to call for a stakeholders’ meeting this week which the PF senior leaders and government shunned. The opposition were represented by its leaders while PF sent a provincial chairman for Lusaka, a move Mumba described as an insult to ECZ.

“We have not seen any political will from government to engage anyone,” Mumba said.

He said there was no need for PF to justify doing wrong saying that is what MMD did adding that Zambians changed government to correct some wrongs that were done by the previous government. Mumba explained Zambians would not have seek a regime change if PF said would continue the same MMD did.

The MMD leader said a time is coming when Zambians will be fed-up with the PF regime and realize that they got a ‘raw deal’. He said Zambians will bring back the MMD.

“I am convinced within my mind that MMD is bouncing back to power,” said Mumba adding that it will be a miracle for PF to win back the confidence of people and be retained into government.

Mumba was speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk programme on Friday, April 19, 2013.



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