Michael Sata, he stood and spoke for the poor

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Michael SataMichael Chilufya Sata revolutionalised politics. He gave us the true meaning of selfless service. He stood for the poor, he spoke for the poor.

He was a comfortable man who lived a life of an ordinary Zambian. He believed in results and we saw the results. His long and results packed political life culminated into the formation of the Patriotic Front.

This is NOT a PARTY but it is a BELIEFE. It is a shared belief of a desired way of life. This is a belief held by ordinary Zambians. A belief that in unity, hard work and endurance they can get the kind of life they desire. This is a belief that never dies. It is more like a religion.

For the first time in world history, we have a country that is run by ordinary people who share this belief. A country that is run by ordinary citizens. A country whose leader represents the common beliefs held by the citizens.

Today is a special day because we as common Zambians renew this common belief we share. The Patriotic Front is for common Zambians, the voters and it is unwise for anyone to ask the voters to vote themselves out of power.

We are fully aware of the capitalist forces trying to wrestle power from the voters so that the country can be run by the rich who will serve the interests of capitalist multi-national corporations. We shall stand strong as voters and ensure that the development gains we have registered under our leadership are sustained.

This is the best way to honour our hero Michael Chilufya Sata. I feel like crying…..I haven’t gotten over Sata’s death…..Let me stop here…….

Alexander Nkosi


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