KaiOS, the Third Largest Phone Operating System In the World

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When you hear about mobile operating systems, you think of Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, maybe even the new OS Huawei is planning to launch in the coming months.

These are all, in turn, smartphone operating systems… but what about the phones that are not that smart? While there are around 3.2 billion active smartphones all over the world, there are also hundreds of millions of feature phones out there, far more affordable than even the most affordable smartphones.

These handsets are very popular in countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South America not only because of their price but for their battery life as well. And one of the most widespread operating system running on these is KaiOS.

KaiOS features

KaiOS is a closed-source, Linux-based mobile operating system with many useful features built with smart feature phones in mind. It supports 4G LTE E, GPS, and Wi-Fi with HTML5-based apps, and it is destined to work on non-touch devices. It is also adapted to the lightweight feature set of feature phones – it runs on much lower-performance hardware than its “smarter” counterpart (like phones with just 256MB of RAM), it is energy efficient and filled with useful features. KaiOS is capable of handling high-speed internet connections and has a built-in HTML5 browser, meaning that everything from Betway Zambia to Facebook and YouTube will work on it just fine. It also has an app marketplace similar to Google’s Play Store, called KaiStore that enables users to download and install apps on their phones. It even comes with some preloaded services (in the form of HTML5 web apps) from KaiOS’s partners – it has a Twitter client, a Facebook app, even a YouTube app ready to be used. For the future, the company behind KaiOS plans to introduce improved multi-tasking and copy-paste features – highly demanded by current users – as well as more partnerships to bring features like Maps, Google Assistant, and others to their phones.

Market share

KaiOS has made some serious waves on the feature phone market in recent years. Over the years, the company behind it has received serious amounts in investments from companies like Google, Chinese appliance manufacturer TCL, and many others. This has helped it to become the third most popular mobile operating system in the world after Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, and the single most used operating system on feature phones, thanks in part to the insane popularity of Reliance Jio phones in India. KaiOS is already powering several highly popular handsets around the world – aside from India’s Jio handsets, it runs on feature phones like Nokia’s 8110 4G, Alcatel’s OneTouch Go Flip, Caterpillar’s rugged B35 feature phone, and even MTN’s insanely affordable $17 Smart S feature phone. The operating system’s rich feature set and low prices have helped KaiOS grow insanely fast in the last few years – it even beat Apple as India’s second most popular mobile operating system last year.


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