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Zamtel launches cheapest offer for all networks

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zamtel2_7Zamtel has introduced a “All Networks Offer” tariff aimed at raising its customers and  making communication across networks more affordable. Zamtel recently reduced the sim card price from K5 to K3.

Zamtel is the first and only Telecommunication company were the Zambian Government has a stake

Speaking at the launch of the tariff, Zamtel chief marketing officer Evans Muhanga said that the company was prompted to introduce the All Networks Tariff after subscribers across the country were complaining of high rates when communicating from one network to another.

Muhanga explained that companies that were enjoying a lion’s share of the market had deliberately made it prohibitive to call across networks to protect their revenues by reaping from poor customers.

 Muhanga said that the All Networks offer seeks to address the challenges of the high cost of communication across networks in the country.

Muhanga further  said that it did not include international networks but that the new tariff would ensure that communication within the country was less stressful.

He disclosed that the All Networks offer came with cost effective and attractive data packages to cater for the social media enthusiasts.

“We are launching another exciting tariff promotion aimed at making communication on our network more affordable. Our customers complained of high rates of communicating from one network to another and we listened. A number of subscribers have opted to have 2 or3 sim cards in order to communicate more efficiently across networks but expensive. This offer comes with cost effective and attractive data packages to cater for the social media enthusiasts,” he said.

Muhanga explained that in this offer, subscribers would have a choice of selecting from the daily, weekly or monthly options with charges from as low as K1. He said that with K1, customers would enjoy five minutes of talking, while with K5 enjoy twenty five minutes with two hundred and fifty free text messages and five hundred megabytes of data.

 Muhanga said that customers who subscribed for the monthly option for K100 would enjoy five hundred calling minutes, five thousand text messages and one gigabyte of data.

“By simply dialing *422# subscribers will have a choice selecting from daily, weekly and monthly options from as low as K1. With K1 they enjoy 5 minutes, K5 enjoy 25minutes and K100 they enjoy 500 calling minute, 5000 SMS and 1 gigabyte data,” he explained.

And  Muhanga disclosed that Zamtel had reduced its sim card price from K5 to K3 and that they had loaded them with 15 minutes to call any network and 20 megabytes of data.

He appealed to the general public to support the company and has since emphasized the need to support local products.


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