It a shame for RB to receive a multimillion house

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RB’s retirement House

Why should a President deserve a multimillion house after loosing an elections? When our people especially  in rural areas have no clinics and schools. They are  squatting in thatched schools without, books ,desks and a chalk board . There are no medicine in hospitals,even where to write your a prescription is a seroius challenge. Where is our proirity?.

It’s a shame and lack of morals for former President Mr Rupiah Banda to receive a multimillion dollar house with two hands amidst abject poverty and ailing economy.

There are more deserving cases in this Country  than building a rich man a house worth millions of Kwacha.

Surely where is justice there are a lot of people who have died on a que hopped to be paid their benefits one day .Because of failure to pay long of ques ,govt decided to increase retirement age from 55 to 65 years so that the time they are retiring at  65 years they would be beyond recognition.

It does not make sense for a President to fail to build a house after serving one or two terms of office.
Presidents are the most privileged individuals  in a country. They sit on serious govt deals such as arms deals,oil deals and other govt contracts .They also receive serious kicks backs from the business community.

Anyway what do they do in those offices apart from enrichment themselves in illegal deals and accumulating allowances through unnecessary travels.

They are voted out of offices because they fail to perform to the expectation of what they promise,they are voted out of state house because they fail to improve the lives of the majority, yet they are walk away with a multimillion dollar house.

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary Party  (RRP).


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