The stand off between Lungu, HH and the Church

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HH with Lungu

Government spokesperson and minister of information says President Lungu cannot dialogue with people who don’t recognise him as president.

That’s OK, coming from a junior.

Now, what the senior, President Lungu, needs to do to lead is…

1. Hold a meeting with the church, tell them he is ready to dialogue.

2. Ask that first item on the agenda be: HH recognising me as President and HH cries about being heard.

In negotiations, if people put conditions before dialogue, make those conditions agenda items.

But before even concourt made its ruling, I lamented the disrespect and condescension between HH and Lungu.

It’s like these two guys went for the same girl in the past and they just don’t want anything to do with each other…kwati banakashi!!?

In today’s statement, the church mother bodies called out President Lungu and his wrongs.

That means in the President’s eyes, the church has become biased against him and lost its legitimacy to mediate.

So in his leadership, it’s up to President Lungu to task church mother bodies and support them in finding a neutral mediator.

Or the church can double back and forth between state house and HH until the two agree on a neutral mediator.

Who could it be? Ian Khama of Botswana? It’s a stable democracy.

Eduardo Dos Santos has earned his democratic stripes by agreeing to step down when his term ends… maybe him.

Ghana maybe. The shining beacon of democracy.

Or the SADC chairman, who is it currently?

If all that fails, call Kofi Annan.

The point is… as head of state, it’s President Lungu’s DUTY to maintain law and order and peace DEMOCRATICALLY, not brutally.

So he cannot resort to force just because he is personally offended.

We did not create that force for personal use by president’s but state use.

So he has a DUTY to meet his adversary…because our instruments of power, peace, security, stability, etc are with him..

Been a country known for peace and stability and democracy, the threats from government are unbearable!

Ta twabelela warnings, threats, intimidation, state of emergency talk, etc.

That’s unZambian


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