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Increase Teachers salaries by K3,000, Govt told

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National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) is urging Government and teacher unions to increase salaries for Teachers by K3,000 across the board for 2024 .

With substantial increases in essential commodities and services such as fuel ,mealie meal and transport , NAQEZ strongly believes that the 10.5% salary increase which teachers received for 2023 has been diluted .

In a statement issued by NAQEZ Executive Director Aron Chansa, there is urgent need for Government and unions to award an increase in salaries for teachers in a manner that will be above or equal to the rate at which commodities have increased .

Chansa says instead of increasing salaries in percentages ,NAQEZ propose an upward increase by K3000 for everyone in the Ministry of Education regardless of the position they hold .

Chansa says the increase will promote fairness amongst teaching staff . The current system of increasing salaries using percentages only benefits those in higher positions .

“Teachers are very critical to the development of Zambia .This country will not sustainably develop if Government and unions will not significantly motivate our educators .

“Currently ,majority of our teachers are not motivated as they are passing through alot of hardships .

“Most of them have not been upgraded while others have been acting for many years without being confirmed .Currently ,it is also common to find some teachers staying in grass thatched houses .Government and unions should lead the way in appreciating teachers for their indispensable space they occupy in our nation,” he said.

He says with a K3000 salary increment ,teachers will be happy and be able to manage their lives under the current circumstances .


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