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UPND two years in office: A rhetorical discourse

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By Silumesi Katongo

After a deep reflection and meticulous observation of the UPND two years in government, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that it’s been a period of rhetorical discourse with little fruit to bear.

In this two years, the majority Zambians especially the youth have been disappointed and suffered emotional setbacks due to the high levels of unemployment which makes it hard for one to get an income for daily basic human needs, high cost of fuel making it difficult for an ordinary Zambian to sustain small businesses due to high cost of transporting goods, high cost of electricity tariffs making it difficult for businesses like barber shops, saloon welding etc, high cost of melie meal which is making the Major Zambians not to afford the three meals everyday, the list is endless.

The President and his team have not done much to address these complex problems undermining the dignity of of humanity that is created in the image of God. The President and his team have instead showed to have taken a RHETORICAL approach, talking things out to the public but realizing very little in reality.

I liken this administration of President HH and his team to that of the Sophists. The Sophists were a group of people that emerged in Athens, Greece in the fifth century B.C as a group of travelling teachers who called themselves as intellectuals. The Sophists possed the power of claer speech and persuasion.

The reputation of the Sophists was at first very favourable not until when people later realized that their power of clear speech and RHETORIC towards the well-being of the people and society was questionable because the ART of RHETORIC, clear speech and persuasion could cut through a problem to bring it to a good idea and on the other hand could be used to put over an idea which has a special interest, of which the intrisic goodness is questionable.

This type of Sophism kind of approach has been seen in the last two years from the people governing this country. They are good at talking out things, giving press conferences and giving illustrations even using Graphs as a power of rhetorical persuasion, call names such as Lucifer to those that give advice to them, the list is endless.

In all there talking, little is realized in reality, even simple basic human needs and services have proved to be difficult to attain for an ordinary Zambian.

Advice to His Excellence President Hakainde S. Hichilema and the Team, please step up and start to make coherent policies, as leaders please understand the difference between the realm of options and the realm of knowledge (the good), between appearance and reality, because as things stand the economy is hard for an ordinary Zambian and people are suffering.

Mr. President and the Team Greek Philosopher Socrates contends that, “unreflected life is not worthy living.” Please take time to reflect, meditate, cogitate and take stock of your stay in office for the two years, has it been for the good of the people or selected few, has it elevated the living standards of the people.

Move away from this kind of RHETORICAL and SOPHISM kind of approach and be more practical and action oriented in the remaining three years.


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