Huge solidarity support for HH

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The recent developments in the country’s political spectrum; jailing of NDC leader, Chishimba Kambwili, and the summoning of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema by police, have stirred more questions than answers for some.

Meanwhile, chief among them being ‘can a cockroach ever gets a fair trial in a court of guinea fowls?’ Others would put it this way.

While the government has categorically declared that the events are motivated by the need to let justice take its course and public interest.

Others have still questioned; ‘Can a hyena be trusted with the interests of goats?’

For some whether it is a case of prosecution or persecution is the debate for another day.

Apparently, the UPND says the summoning of their leader, Hichilema, by police to Mpika for questioning is a welcome development, as it would give him the chance to clear his name.

However, the party says this time around, HH will not be going alone, as a thousand cars from all over the country will join him, and as they drive along, more and more cars and buses will follow them.

“We have had enough of this nonsense and abuse of one man by Edgar Lungu, and the one sided law enforcement by Zambia Police of only one section of the population, while leaving the PF supporters and cadres enjoy unfettered protection of being above the law.

“IG Kanganja must therefore arrest the thugs that closed HH’s route with rocks and tyres and further, discipline the Police officers that abetted such a criminal act in a public road and in full public view,” says the party, adding that the pictures are in the public domain.

“We call upon those that will not make it to Mpika to hold peaceful protests in their Townships and villages and all Provincial capitals and districts.

“We further call upon our brothers and sisters in the diaspora to hold peaceful protests at Zambian foreign missions and send a clear signal to the International community that if they don’t intervene timely, the once peaceful nation of Zambia is headed for troubled waters,” added the party.

In a statement issued by the party’s youth wing, UPND said the police call out of HH is not by the Police, but an order made by and under the instigation of President Edgar Lungu.

“How much more can one human being spew so much hate and bitterness against another human being like Lungu is doing to HH.

“What sin has Hakainde Hichilema committed to be persistently abused, persecuted and humiliated? Is the death of HH what will finally make Mr Lungu happy? Is it a sin to aspire for public office for HH in a so called democracy?

“We are aware that the PF want to detain HH to harm him so that he dies before the 2021 elections,” added the party.

UPND also alleges that Lungu has made statements against their leader which should not be taken lightly.

“Mr Lungu himself has maintained that HH will not enter State House. Isn’t that a declaration of a death sentence? We won’t allow that!

“We will also not allow this injustice to continue because Zambia doesn’t only belong to the PF and their supporters.

“We therefore warn them to desist from always making people angry in the midst of such poverty and hunger.

“People are suffering because everything under the PF has collapsed, and instead of fixing the mess they are subjecting our citizens to, they are always seeking for ways to make us angry. What sort of people are these?” the party added.

“We will meet in Mpika and please Kampyongo and Kanganja, don’t forget to bring along your newly acquired huge armoured vehicles and big guns, let’s hope they will be enough to go round in all Townships villages and Districts in the Republic. Enough is enough!” concluded the party in a statement signed by its deputy National Youth Chairman, Gilbert Liswaniso.


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