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History of the Zambian National Football Team

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A Proud Legacy


There are few things that Zambians enjoy more than a good game of football. The most popular and celebrated sport all around the globe, the spirit of this great game does not die in Zambia. Zambia established their national football team all the way back in 1929. Governed by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), who still runs the team today.


File: Kalusha Bwalya in action

Interestingly enough the Zambian national team, though founded officially in 1929, did not participate in a World Cup game until much later, 1964. The reason for this is that the country first had to gain its independence. This was not just a significant time for the political atmosphere of Zambia, but the cultural one as well. The same year they earned their independence, their football team became a part of FIFA officially. This was big Zambian football news at the time.


Cup of Nations


The Zambian football team may have taken a while to get involved in the world football arena, but they certainly made up for lost time. The Zambian national team has won the COSAFA cup an impressive 4 times, and has been a runner-up in the cup a whopping 5 times. The Zambian team also won the CECAFA cup twice, and were runner ups for that cup 5 times as well.


File: Zambian National Team Celebrating after winning the Africa Cup

File: The Chipolopolo Boys after they won the AFCON in Gabon in 2012

One of the most coveted cups, the Africa Cup of Nations have been in the Zambian team’s crosshairs for some time. The team fell short only by a single loss in 1974 trying to clinch the cup, and heartbreakingly once again in 1994. After this defeat it seemed the Zambian team would never hold the Cup of Nations. That all changed in 2012, when a miracle upset occured and Zambia finally claimed their well-deserved prize.


A Good Bet


Part of the fun and excitement of Zambian football is getting involved in the betting and gambling scene. Many Zambians show national pride for their team by putting their hard earned money on the table to show how much faith they have in their team to win. With online betting, it is even easier than ever to do this. You can bet on football with Betway Zambia. There is no need to go out looking for people to take bets with. Betway will help match you with others making bets and you can show some support for your team and add some excitement to the games, really spicing things up.


An Exciting Future


Zambian football is getting better every year. The team has suffered many unfortunate setbacks, including the tragic Gabon air disaster, where the plane carrying the Zambian team to the World Cup in 1994 crashed, killing all of the 30 passengers on the plane.


Despite this setback, Zambia rallied and have become a formidable force in the world football arena, and many are excited to see what this team can offer in the coming years. In time perhaps they will take home not just another Africa cup, but a World Cup as well.


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