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HH may give up power before 2026 – Lungu

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…if state police continue harassing Zambians warns former president 


Edgar Lungu, the sixth President of Zambia has warned incumbent Hakainde Hichilema of a ´quick power loss´ that might occur before the 2026 elections on account of heavy-handedness by state police.

The former head of state said there is ´growing concern of excessive and uncalled for force´ on ordinary citizens especially those from opposition and civil society that could annoy them and result into an early exit from power by President Hichilema.

“I am saying to the police hold your horses because you might precipitate a situation where President HH is forced to give up power sooner than later before 2026,” said Mr Lungu.

The former President cautioned, “I am saying so (early exit of President Hichilema) because people will rise for being tear gassed and other forms of harassment at the hands of the police.”

President Lungu was speaking after finding himself in the middle of a kerfuffle alongside cadres and supporters that went to give support to the Secretary General of the main opposition Patriotic Front who was detained overnight for stating last November that some ballot papers destined a for a named polling stations could have been pre-marked.

“The government must focus on fixing going wrong in the country (such high cost of living) instead of tear gassing innocent Zambians I am advising the police please hold your horses,” Mr. Lungu said.

The former President added that he is not afraid of either being shot dead as he legally participates in national politics after his return last October from retirement neither is he afraid of being ´tear gassed´ as threatened by over zealous police that seem to have forgotten that not so long ago, he was the Commander in Chief of Zambia.

Tensions have been rowing in Zambia between the opposition, civil society, and the government of Mr Hichilema whose police chief has banned all sorts of public democratic gathering.

The former President whose party PF now belongs to a movement called UKA that has shown a tremendous growth across the country advised the police to bring their trigger-happy behaviour a notch down before they spoil a term of office for President Hichilema.

Source: ECL address 27.02.24 / Smart Eagle


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