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Hakainde and his team are scared little men, says Lubinda

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  PF Vice president Given Lubinda has described the government of Hakainde Hichilema as one of scared little men.

Addressing the press a while ago after former First Lady Esther Lungu appeared before the police at Woodlands Police station, Lubinda said Zambians were warned of the UPND before elections.

Lubinda a former Minister of Justice charged that Zambia is now a Police state. He wondered how 200 armed police officers could be deployed to search a house of a former president while his wife should have just been summoned to the police station.

He what ever was happening was just the beginning as more worse things will happen under Hichilema whom he says had run out of ideas.

“As KK would say, they are scared little men,” Lubinda said.

He has called on Zambians not to give up as they go through difficult times. He thanked PF members for turning up in numbers to give solidarity to the former first family.

Lubinda said the event also showed that PF was still strong contrary to assertions that the former ruling party is dead. He said the party was able to mobilise within a short time yesterday.

He also warned Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu against prejudice the police investigations. He said it was uncalled for of Mwiimbu to comment on the matter which his police were still investigating.


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