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Govt now “grabs” Walvis Bay Port from Ndambo

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James Ndambo addressing the press at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in June 2022 upon his arrivalThe Hichilema administration has now terminated the Walvis Bay Port concession in Namibia that is run by Africa Cargo Union Holding owned by Business Mogul James Ndambo.

The Zambian Government did not end at harassing Ndambo with State Enforcement Agencies following his successful events in Choma under the initiative My Home Town in June-July 2022.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Namibia Stephen Katuka signed the cancellation claiming the facility was not performing well and under ultilised.

Africa Cargo is ultilising 10 of the 30 hectres of the land.

Information is emerging that Brenthurst Foundation Executive Director, Greg Mills a Friend to President Hichilema has expressed keen interest on Walvis Bay Port and the Zambian facilities.

Diplomat, Politician and Scribe Emmanuel Mwamba gives an insight into the issue:

Termination of the Walvis Port Concession

Government has terminated the concession contract for the management of the Dry Port Facility at Walvis Bay due to alleged poor performance and under utilization of the facility.

The facility is run by business mogul, James Ndambo’s African Union Holdings Cargo.

In 2009, Ndambo signed a concession agreement with Namibian Port Authority and developed a patch of empty land of sand dunes into a port.

African Union Holdings sunk in $5million to develop Port facilities, office buildings, warehousing facilities and Harbour equipment.

A royalty payment was being paid to the Zambian Government.

It is interesting to note how Government can cancel a concession contract they are not part to.

In his documentary, “The Tale of Two Roads-Exporting from Zambia”, Brenthurst Foundation Executive Director, Greg Mills expressed keen interest on Walvis Bay Port and the Zambian facilities.

He argued that Walvis Bay Port was the better route for First Quantum Minerals (FQM) and others mines exporting from Zambia as the routes to Dar-es-Salaam, Durban, Lobito Bay, or Beira were more cumbersome and expensive.

Because of business interest and the perceived fall-out Ndambo and President Hakainde Hichilema as seen when he hosted Choma, My Home Town pageant, it appears petty that Government cancelled the concession contract.

In similar circumstances, Government cancelled the Mpulungu Harbour Concession in 2008 and has since paid millions of dollars in compensation and damages….this fresh cancelation will likely go the same way.


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