Govt plans to circumcise 360,000 males this year

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Government is this year targeting to circumcise 360,000 males, as one of the interventions in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Muchinga Province Assistant Secretary
Samuel Mbewe said at the launch of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) April campaign in Chinsali District, Muchinga Province.

Mbewe says VMMC is cost effective and should be included along side behavioral and structural strategies of compressive HIV prevention plan.

He says Medical Male Circumcision reduces sexual transmission of HIV by 60%.

Mbewe called on health workers to conduct market oriented campaigns and work closely with the media for advocacy.

He says there was need to address some factors that deter men from undergoing VMMC which includes fear of pain , perception of low HIV, lack of partner or social support and preference for traditional rites of passages.

Government is committed towards reducing burden of HIV/AIDS through various interventions such as Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision.

Since the inception of VMMC programme in 2007, over two million males have been circumcised in Zambia.


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