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Five perish, one unconscious in a blaze accident

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The Zambia Police says five people have been burnt to death, leaving one unconscious after a Dangote truck carrying cement and six passengers collided with a fuel tanker truck that had caught fire after overturning due to excessive speed in Serenje district.

The incident happened at approximately 16:00 hours yesterday at Pilyeshi area, 25 kilometers West of Serenje town along the Great North Road.

The incident involved two heavy-duty vehicles resulting in significant loss of life and property.

The primary vehicles involved were, a tanker truck belonging to Harvest Oil Company, carrying an unspecified type of fuel.

The tanker, driven by an unidentified individual traveling from East to West, lost control for reasons yet to be determined. The vehicle subsequently overturned and caught fire, reducing to frames. Tragically, the driver perished in the flames, rendering identification impossible.

And a Howo truck and trailer bearing registration number BCE 3607, with the trailer registration unconfirmed, belonging to Dangote.

The truck was loaded with an unspecified quantity of cement bags destined for an unknown location. The Dangote truck, driven by William Ngwira, aged 42, from Chifubu Township, Ndola, was traveling from West to East.

Ngwira sustained severe burns and is currently receiving medical attention at Serenje District Hospital.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says on board the Dangote truck were six passengers, all unidentified at this time.

Tragically, five passengers perished in the blaze, leaving their identities indiscernible due to the severity of the fire. One male passenger, also unidentified, survived the accident but remains unconscious and severely burned.

Hamoonga says he is under medical care at Serenje District Hospital.

“The sequence of events leading to the accident indicates that the tanker truck lost control, possibly due to excessive speed. Subsequently, it overturned, obstructing the roadway. The Dangote truck collided with the overturned tanker, igniting a blaze that consumed both vehicles and resulted in the tragic loss of life and extensive damage to property,” he said.



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