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EDUCATION CORNER: Scholarships for furthering education

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with Prof Nyanga

A scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement and can be from pre-primary school to tertiary education.

It can also mean financial assistance given to a deserving individual to pursue education at any level.

Scholarships have been in existence for many years in different forms and from different providers.

In Zambia, scholarships date way back during the colonial days when the colonial masters were sponsoring some Zambians to go and study governance systems in Europe in different institutions.

Other commonly sponsored courses were military oriented. Many other countries continued sponsoring Zambians during its infancy stage and have continued to do in the present times.

The government of Zambia also joined in empowering its citizens through scholarships in different fields both locally and internationally. Many partners joined in and have since continued helping the general populace in different fields including, engineering, education, medicine, agriculture, and many others.

Scholarships from different institutions and governments have different conditions. Some scholarships can be 100% or partial (divided in percentages). Other scholarships are in kind form while others are in monetary form. Some scholarships are only offered at first, second or last stage of someone’s education ladder or when one scores high in marks in his/ her first examination and then they are appreciated by being offered a scholarship.

Another form of a scholarship is where the recipient has no sponsors to go for further studies but they have very good results allowing them to go the next level of education.

Scholarship providers include governments, civil societies, institutions, non-governmental organisations, for business organisations and individuals. Some scholarships are partnered between either organisations and governments and so on. The common scholarship found in Zambia is the Bursaries Committee.

This committee helps students who have performed very well in their previous education from underprivileged families from secondary school to tertiary education. Churches also are common providers of scholarships in Zambia.

They include, among many others, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Roman Catholic Church, United Church of Zambia, Presbyterian Church In Africa, Reformed Church In Zambia, New Apostolic Church.

All these churches have their criteria of helping the those that wish to have financial support on education and one needs to know their requirements for them to qualify for the scholarship. Non-governmental Organisations such as Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) and many others help sponsoring students from as low as primary education up to tertiary.

Companies such as Banks, corporate business are among those that help in sponsoring students, especially at tertiary level. Countries like India, China, United Kingdom, United Staes of America, Israel and many others have been helping international students (especially from developing countries) to further education especially at tertiary level.

Every year, there are a number of scholarships offered and one can find a suitable scholarship through the media, newspapers, ministries such as general education, Higher education, community development and / or youths and sports.

Churches also advertise for scholarships in their own way as well as other organisations. A prospectus student should always be on the look out for such adverts and also approach companies, learning institutions, organisations and individuals who may be of help towards them having information about scholarships. School administrators, teachers and mentors normally have information about scholarships.

Churches can also be goo sources of information about scholarships. So if you have very good results and would like to pursue further education, do not sit on your results but use them to lobby for a scholarship and in no time, you will be studying that skill of knowledge you want.

This goes also to those that have dropped out school because of lacking sponsorship, it is time pick up yourself and look for scholarship around you and you will surely be assisted.

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