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EDUCATION CORNER: The Importance of Education

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with Prof Nyanga

It is a common thing to hear some sections of society and individuals scourging those people that are perceived to be educated. I have also heard some commenting that “education was a key to success until some people changed the locks.” Education is still the key for any development to take place at individual or communal level.

When we see and hear that people almost everywhere are given rights and are required by statutes to get educated; that almost all education system are standardised in almost similar way; international institutions put in resources; that our governments spend huge sums of resources to provide education; parents forcing their children be educated, one tends naturally to assume that there must be some cracking, logical reason for all this pertaining to education.

In line with foregoing, I would like to highlight some of the issues that will show how important education is. As averred by Nelson Mandela (2012) education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Education is very important for all of us. It facilitates quality learning all through the life among people of any age group, cast, creed, religion and region. It is the process of achieving knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits.

Education system teaches us how to obtain and develop critical and logical thinking and make independent decisions. One person told me that it is very difficult to find a solution if you are reasoning with an uneducated person/ group, you maybe going round and round on same issue without finding a solution.

If one educated, they should be able to make sound decisions on these various problems of community. Not only are people able to form their own opinions, but they are also good at finding solid and reliable arguments and evidence to back up and confirm their decisions. 

Educated people understand how valuable it is to live in a stable and secure community. They are more prone to taking part in projects that help improve not only their neighborhood but society, as well.

In addition, when people are able to afford their own home, they are more likely to take part not only in improving their homes but in solving problem as well. After all, it is quite important to getting and give a hand to the less fortunate ones in order to build a better place for all of us to live in.

Education is of key essence for modern society. One needs to learn about culture, history and other important aspects so that they would be able to contribute to modern society.

Education molds people into leaders not only with knowledge about subjects, but it also shows them how to lead with emotions and true values. Educated people can easily differentiate between right and wrong, thus education helps reduce the crime rate. Bad events are happening around the world – only competent leaders can help guide us down a good and right path. 

People who are educated have high chances to transform their lives, thus contributing to a decrease in society’s poverty rates. Education helps countries grow economically since it is about getting knowledge and being able to apply it wisely to our lives and, at the same time, improving other people’s lives.

Education has always secured respect from society. In order to ensure a comfortable lifestyle, people should educate themselves to be successful and satisfied. It helps gain a better reputation and increases the chances of climbing the career ladder more easily and faster. It leads to creating a positive environment for families and communities.

Education helps connect with people and organizations around the world. Borders are no longer there. Being able to communicate and share opinions with people from other countries and cultures, widens horizons and helps us understand and appreciate each other. 

Education is the key to turn a weakness into a strength. It offers different tools and ways to understand problems that lay ahead of us and helps resolve them. More importantly, education provides us with considerable mental agility to make the right decisions and spring into action when needed.

In Zambia, education is regarded as a basic human right and considered vital to development. Not only does education empower people, but it gives them the knowledge and skills to broaden their economic and social opportunities.

The government recognizes the role of education in poverty reduction and is making serious efforts to improve and reform the education sector. Zambia is on its way to achieving the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education.

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