DRC elections: Implication of Katumbi’s candidacy

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Moïse Katumbi

Moïse Katumbi

By Jordan Anderson, Analyst

The former governor of the now-defunct Katanga province, Moïse Katumbi, announced his candidacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s presidential election, currently scheduled for November.

In his announcement, Katumbi accepted the nominations of three opposition coalitions: the Group of Seven (Groupe des Sept: G7), the Collective of Nationalists (Collectif des Nationalists), and Change for the Republic 2016 (Alternance pour la République 2016).

On the same day, Justice Minister Alexis Thamwe ordered a case against Katumbi for allegedly employing foreign mercenaries (a charge Katumbi denies), and on 5 May police and intelligence agents surrounded Katumbi’s house in Lubumbashi, Katanga region. In response to Katumbi’s request for protection, United Nations forces deployed around his home, likely preventing his arrest.

President Kabila

President Kabila

DRC president Joseph Kabila recently despatched additional soldiers and tanks into the Katanga region making the forcible suppression of opposition political rallies and protests against election delays more likely, particularly now with Katumbi’s candidacy. Such crackdowns would raise the risk of protests escalating into riots.

Protests numbering in the tens of thousands and lasting longer than a day are more likely if backed by the Katangan Catholic Church leadership who has denied the charges against Katumbi.

Protracted protests, if coinciding with the non-payment of soldiers’ salaries due to government financial difficulties, would increase the risk of mutinies, fighting between different military units.


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