‘Denying women maternity leave is illegal’

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The Labour Commissioner Chanda Kaziya has warned that denying the pregnant employees maternity leave is illegal. Kaziya said he has received reports of a trend by many employers of refusing women leave when the due time comes.

He warned that the  Ministry Of Labour and Social Security will penalise  companies in a habit of denying expecting women to go on maternity leave.

In an interview with journalists in Lusaka on June 27, Kaziya said he had received complaints from female employees of a Chinese firm who were threatened with dismissal from work if they proceeded to go on maternity leave.

He said as Labour Commissioner he will be making follow ups and ensure there is actions taken against such employers.

Kaziya said denying women to go on maternity leave is an abrogation of the law and companies found wanting risk being fined or closed.

Kazhiya explained that pregnant women in places of work should be protected and not subjected to work that puts them and their unborn babies at risk.

He has since encouraged female employees who find themselves in such situations to report to the ministry so that necessary action is taken.

According to the recent amended part in the new Employment Code, the increase of maternity leave from twelve weeks to fourteen weeks is one of the highlighted clauses.

Labour experts have argued that Women are regarded as the weaker and protected beings in all sectors of development thereby increasing maternity leave only reduces the already reduced production in the country.


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