Monze council welcomes ban on plastic carrier bags

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Monze Town Council has embarked on a sensitization program aimed at encouraging the community to use environmental friendly and renewable carrier bags.

Council Chairperson Bisha Munsaka officially launched the sensitization program at Hamusonde market were he told marketeers that Government had banned the use of plastic bags as they were not only unfriendly to the environment but that they gobbled a lot of funds during the rainy season when they block drainages in the town. 

Munsaka explained that the council’s move to comply with new SI will save a lot of revenue and reinforce the Keep Zambia Clean and Green Campaign as plastics were a major source of litter in the town.
Meanwhile Munsaka thanked the World Vision Zambia for helping with the sensitization program by providing recycled and renewable carrier bags for marketeers.

And Monze Town Council has welcomed SI 65 of 2018 that bans the use of plastic carrier bags and other related materials below 30 microns in thickness.

Council Secretary Benson Bweenji explained that the council was spending a lot of resources to clear blocked drainages hence the SI would help reduce the cost of service delivery as regards keeping the town clean.


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