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Cricket Betting 101 – The best strategies explained

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People bet on cricket for different reasons. For example, we have those who simply do it for entertainment. These are the ones who enjoy seeing certain players display their craft, and have fun making bets even if it is just to up the ante. There is nothing wrong with this. However, if you intend on making serious money from the game, having a sound cricket betting strategy is vital. But most importantly, make sure you choose the best bookmaker that suits your betting style and offers appropriate betting conditions for cricket. If you’re placing your bet with a bad sports betting provider many things can go wrong. But you can find the best sites for cricket betting here. Also, make sure to look into the test-reviews if a specific provider looks interesting for you.

You see, when it comes to sports that are tricky to handicap, cricket is right there at the top. This is because the selection of markets to play in is huge. You’ll find both ante-post offerings as well as live in-play betting. With all the betting options available, there is a real danger of making several speculative bets. Therefore, we shall look at some of the best strategies you can apply to have an upper hand and perhaps beat the system.

Knowing The Formats

How can you bet if you don’t even understand how the game is played? Let us first look at the game formats at both the domestic and international stages.

Test matches

Test matches are the most conventional form of the game. These games can be played for a maximum of five days. Each side has two innings at-bat.

Some famous examples of this format are the Ashes Series (that’s arranged between Australia and England) and the England County Championship, which interestingly has a four-day version of the layout.

One-day matches

As you likely have guessed from the name, it takes place within a day. Each side here is allowed 5 overs to bat. In a bid to aid scoring runs, certain field restrictions, which aren’t there in test matches, apply in this format of play.

Notable examples of competitions having this format are the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.


This last format has an intense tempo to it. This is because each side only has twenty overs to obtain a winning score. Fielding restrictions are also a characteristic of play as with the One-day format. Since the time taken to play in this type of format is short, its popularity seems to rise with every passing year, especially when it comes to TV companies.

Its popularity is such that every serious cricketing nation has a Twenty20 competitive event; the Indian Premier League being the most prestigious of the lot.

What Are The Different Kinds of Bets?

You now have an acceptable grasp of the modern cricket formats. Where then should we bet our money? You can place your wager on almost any and every conceivable cricketing statistic. Regardless of this, we will take you through the most popular options available.

Series/match results

This is the most straightforward and thus the most popular. It is simply a wager on the team that will emerge as a top dog in an individual game or a series of games.

Top runs scorer

It is a wager on the player who will score the most runs in a whole match or specific innings.

Top wicket-taker

It is a wager on which bowlers will take the most wickets in a whole match or specific innings.

Total runs

It is a comparative wager that gauges the total number of runs a player or team makes in comparison to a predefined specific figure.

Number of fours and sixes hit

This is a bet which gambles on which opening partnerships when in bat record the highest run totals

Man of the match

Just as the name suggests, it is a gamble on who will be named man of the match when all is said and done.

Best Betting Strategies

Making bets based on gut-feelings is easy as compared to developing and analyzing a strategy. However, you don’t need extreme statistical analyses if you utilize our tried and tested schools of thought.

Always keep up with the weather forecast

In a game heavily dependent on wind and degree of atmospheric turbulence, knowing the weather could give you some hidden insight. For instance, games happening in days predicted to be rainy might be shortened if showers fall, supporting the team that bats second.

This can be explained using the Duckworth-Lewis formula. It utilizes the runs scored by a team up to the match-abandonment point to predict the sum total that the game played out till its end. The team batting second is at an advantage as they will know the sum they need at the match’s conclusion for every over up until when the rain starts. They can then adjust their strategy accordingly.

Waiting on the results of the toss

The decision on who bats first has a considerable influence on the outcome of the fixture. This is because the first team at the bat will have less of a disadvantage associated with wear and tear of the wickets as the game progresses. A messed up wicket has the bowlers in favor, and so batting first makes more sense as the terrain is smoother.

The importance of form

The form will dictate how good or bad a team or an individual player is performing. Slumps come and go, but once your money is gone, that’s forever. Make sure you assess the teams and players beforehand to know their most recent performance stats. It is best to stick to sides and players who are near or are at their peaks.

Assessing ground conditions

While this may not be a top priority to most betters, the characteristics of the different game pitches matter. For instance, while some wickets do not seem to turn at all, some respond admirably to spin. There are slow tracks and some which offer almost a sort of buoyancy that vastly favours fast bowlers.

Final Takeaway There isn’t a cannon way to betting. The sole difference between those who win and lose stakes is the knowledge they have. In this article are tips on how to make the most out of your matchday. However, for a convenient and comprehensive account of all the statistics and histories of all the teams in all competitions, then use betting sites. Arm yourself with detailed knowledge of trades, management changes, team form, trends, and weaknesses


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