Cooperative threatens to burn down church.

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By Sylvia Bwalya

MEMBERS of a cooperative in Lusaka’s Matero Constituency’s are threatening to burn down a named church in the area which houses their cooperative following the failure by the cooperative to give them full Packs of the farming inputs.

The members who instead of having four by 50Kg bags of fertilizer two basal and two top dressings and a 10Kg bag of maize seed say they each received packs less one bag of fertilizer.

Speaking when they stormed the church service on Sunday, the aggrieved members said they had paid their subscriptions and all the other charges in full.

Kububa Phiri said on behalf of the others that the cooperative had been in existence for the past five years and there had never been a time when the members received inputs in full. He said there was always something that would be missing every time they got their imputs saying if it was not the fertilizer than it would be the seed.

Kububa said every time they asked the coordinator why they had to have something missing they were told to say they had to create something for those who did not have anything but asked why some packs were missing the coordinator said they would never understand even if she explained.

But Lilanda cooperative society coordinator said it was not easy to manage things which involved so many people. She said her organisation had over 300 members and mistakes were bound to be made no matter how careful someone was.

The Coordinator has been accused of selling the fertilizer and seed which were meant for its members after it failed to provide for all its members.




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  1. I thought PF promised to increase the farm input pack from 4 bags of fertiliser to 15, is this also one of those broken promises?

    December 25, 2012 at 10:42 am

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