Chipimo doubts PF’s capabilities in governance

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National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo says he is doubtful whether the PF government would be able to improve in the governance system even if it was to double its revenue collection especially from the mines.

Mr. Chipimo has noted that the PF government has proved to be an extravagant regime which does not seem to place its priorities right when it comes to the use of public resources.

He cited the recalling of diplomats serving in the foreign mission as one of the activities that has cost the government huge sums of money from the time that the PF assumed office.

Mr. Chipimo has also observed that the PF’s alleged strategy to induce by-elections so as to increase its numbers in parliament is not in the interest of the nation as by-elections continue to cost the country huge resources.

He has instead recommended that the government should consider introducing to parliament policies that are non-partisan to prevent the opposition from shooting them down.

Mr. Chipimo was speaking during a media breakfasting meeting hosted by his party in Lusaka this morning.

And Mr. Chipimo has also indicated that his party will continue coercing the PF government to ensure that it delivers on good governance for the benefit of the many Zambians.



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