people calling for Mumba’s resignation are just Discontented, Simbao

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Interim National Secretary for the Movement for Multiparty Democracy [MMD] Kapembwa

Kapembwa Simbao

Simbao has charged that the members of his party who are calling for Dr Mumba’s resignation are jealousy of him because he beat then to the MMD Presidency.
Simbao said when he featured on Muvi TV’s ‘The Assignment’ program on Sunday 6 January 2013 that unfortunately for them Mumba was not going to step down until his tenure expires at the end of five years.
He says Mumba was elected in the most democratic way and it was not fair for people to call for his resignation due to discontentment.
Simbao said the party would therefore do everything in its power to sort out every person who was fueling the confusion that had arisen in the party.
He said the MMD was still a strong party despite the increase in the number of people who were speaking negatively against the party’s leadership.
Simbao who is also MMD Member of Parliament for Senga Hill said the people who were speaking ill of the party had even influenced other member to stop believing in the party.
‘’this party has lot of people who believe in its ideals but were slowly losing their focus because of people especially those in the top leadership who are speaking ill of the party,’’ he said.
The former ruling party has in the recent past seen increased wrangles among the top leadership where others are calling on the party president to resign.
Among those who have spoken negatively about the president are party vice president for administration Brian Chituwo and the chairperson for women affairs Catherine Namugala.


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