BREAKING: UPND Chairperson Mutale Nalumango resigns

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The news making rounds is that the UPND Chairperson, Mutale Nalumango has resigned from both the post of being the national Chair and the party.

According to a statement, making rounds, Nalumango has resigned because the party is lacking clear direction and focus, as well as deviating from its key ideology of legitimately forming the next government, but instead choosing to engage in criminal activities.

In a letter of resignation, addressed to the party president and Secretary General, and dated 23 October 2020, Nalumango said the other reason which led her to walk away is that, among other issues, party members are not respecting her office as an important and integral part of the executive, and she says because of that, her ability to effectively carry her official duties has been compromised.

Meanwhile, the resignation statement is also accompanied by a response purportedly signed by the party president, Hakainde Hichilema confirming receiving the letter also indicating that the party will deliberate on her intention to resign.

However, some party members are saying the letter is fake and an act of propaganda meant to cause confusion in the party.

They are blaming the ruling PF party of having generated the letters to cause discord in the opposition camp, and called on the UPND to investigate the matter and make sure that those behind the two documents are brought to book.

While the letter purportedly from Nalumango has no signature, the other has a signature whose authenticity is questionable as it seems to have been cropped.

Meanwhile, efforts to get a comment and to establish the authenticity of the two letters from the party spokesperson, Charles Kakoma before publishing were fruitless as his phone rang unanswered.


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