UPND’s Mucheleka and others discharged, as police block HH’s entourage to court in Kasama

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The State has discharged UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka and three others on a charge of aggravated robbery

And Police this morning blocked UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his entourage from attending Court session at Kasama Magistrate Court.

Police in Kasama blocked all roads leading to Kasama Magistrate Court where Mr Mucheleka and three others today appeared.

The four which include Elias Mubanga and Samuel Ngwira are remanded at Milima State correctional facility awaiting for instructions from DPP to commit the matter to the High Court.

The four are accused of aggravated Robbery and Malicious Damage.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is in Kasama to show solidarity to his members in prison.

The four who are appearing for mention are being represented by Mulambo Haimbe and a Counsel Phiri both of Malambo and Associates.

And Mr Hichilema has urged Zambia Police to be professional in the conduct of their work.

“We are not fighting you Police officers but fighting for you so, that PF cadres can for once start giving you the respect you deserve as specialised professionals. We therefore encourage you not be tools of divisions or indeed violence in the Country. The impression being created by the PF of Zambia being a Police state is not helpful to the nations,” he said.

“When in government next year, we will take care of you and the rest of the country and ensure meritocracy and dignity is granted back to your profession. What we are witnessing now is barbaric and unZambian. There is no longer freedom of expression, movement and expression in this country because of one corrupt group called PF.”

He added, “As can be seen, police earlier prevented us from going to court and when questioned, they only said they had been instructed by higher offices to do so, but we know who that higher office is, and all we can say is that we are different from them.

“When in government next year, we shall not harass, intimidate you nor indeed ask you why you are treating citizens in such a way. Our foremost duty will be to tirelessly fix the economy and also ensure that there is law and order in our country.”

“Please, don’t attack us but attack our vision and ideas for the country, and let the Nation decide who is capable of turning around this country’s fortunes into reality. And remember, this time around, we will not allow anyone of you to infringe on the citizens rights, choice of leadership or indeed our vision.”



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