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I am in the capital city of a so-called middle-income country and the advice is all tap water should be boiled? In 2019 ? Guys if this is not a disgrace, then I do not know what this is.

I am not in my home village kwa Mutamba, Chief Chitimukulu, Mungwi District, Northern Province. I live five minutes drive from State House and I should boil my water ?

This is just thoroughly mediocre. I can’t even brush my teeth with the water from my tap? Then what about washing dishes? Can we wash our plates and dishes safely?

I think maybe we should just close this country and move somewhere else where things work properly. It is simply and totally unacceptable that I have to waste our already expensive electricity boiling water.

I wonder what our MP, Mrs. Margaret Mwanakatwe, in her Sunningdale home, where she too has to boil her water, thinks of the whole issue when literally hundreds of her constituents in the richest neighbourhood in Zambia had to rushed to the hospital with upset stomachs and fevers and now cannot drink water from the tap ?

This is a basic of civilization. It is what separates backward to quote Donald Trump “shitholes” from civilized countries. Potable water. It is even a Development goal of the United Nations.

If we can’t have potable water in the Capital City in its richest neighbourhood then maybe its OK we just sell this country to the CHinese. Maybe they will do a better job of running it.

For me this a serious issue. If I can’t get drinkable tap water I will vote for someone who will make sure I get it. Rather than waste time on who privatized what how about making sure we have clean drinking water.

Can the Mayor please put as much effort in putting up billboards in the wrong district and in the wrong Province as in fixing this water problem.

There is just no way I can be buying Chlorine tablets and boiling water in this day and age. Then I might as well just live in the village because there is no difference.

By Brian Mulenga


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