The shameful extra-judicial killing record of Davies Mwila, Steven Kampyongo and Kakoma Kanganja

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The people the police have killed have loved ones. Some were yet to go to trial and others were innocent bystanders. We can’t continue to disrespect life in this manner. Even after death they are denied a government apology, an independent investigation or compensation.

In the cases below, there is no indication that the police where in grave danger to warrant their brutal action.

– Latest: 5/01/2019, Lusaka – Jimmy Sampa, George compound resident suspected of theft. Beaten to death by police.

– 5/10/2018, Lusaka – Vespers Shimunzhila, UNZA graduating student innocent nonparticipant in a riot

– 23/11/2018, Solwezi – Christopher Mashawu, taxi driver who was being interrogated over some driving test fraud. Shot dead by police as he fled from the police.

– 11/11/2018, Solwezi – Raphael Mukomongo, 28, PF cadre shot by police during electoral violence.

– 18/11/2018, Kitwe – Oscar Sakala, Taxi driver beaten to death by police. They claim he committed suicide.

– 18/03/2017, Lusaka – Mark Nchimunya Choongwa, ZAF Flight Sergent suspected traffic offence. Beaten to death by police.

– 08/07/2016, Lusaka – Mapenzi Chibulo, Chawama resident peaceful protester. Shot dead by police.

– April, 2016, Livingstone – Mulenga, Taxi driver suspected of dangerous driving despite avoiding hitting a child. Beaten to death by police.

– 10/01/2016, Lukulu – Mubika Nyanga, 36, Chimbanda area resident. Beaten to death by police.

– 07/06/2014, Vubwi – Maxwell Banda, 17, suspected of conduct likely to cause breach of peace. They claim he committed suicide.

– 11/03/2014, Lucky Sinfukwe, Civilian suspected of stealing guns for ZNS. Beaten to death by C5 police.

In some of the above cases police accused the suspects of collapsing or trying to jump out of a moving vehicle and even accused a 17-year-old in Vubwi of committing suicide. We are yet to be presented of any independent investigations. We challenge the Human Rights Commission to follow up these matters and report on the status of investigations and why we are not seeing any improvement in the conduct of the police. In Zambia to be a suspect is a potential death sentence.

The list is based on media sources as it was difficult to obtain one from obvious sources.

Richard W


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  1. Zambia needs to set up a body to investigate the police. They can’t prosecute themselves let them be subjected to investigations for crimes like the ones cited here

    Nappies on their heads
    January 12, 2019 at 8:48 pm

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